The Story Goes...

Like most product ideas, this one began with the search for a solution. I’m a Marine Corps veteran and cannabis enthusiast who frequently travels to attend industry events and I had a problem.

Storing and carrying multiple vaporizers, charging cords, different strains of flower, concentrate jars, dabber tools, wraps, woods, papers, grinders, edibles, rolling trays, glass pieces, etc. etc. can be extremely unorganized, inconvenient, and frustrating. I used old baggies, plastic containers, or just threw things everywhere inside my backpack. Sometimes I would just use my wife’s cosmetic bags, which obviously looked less-than-awesome. The hunt for a dope looking, functional cannabis accessory bag that “kept all my gear tight” was on! 

A quick internet search revealed multiple products used to carry and store cannabis accessories but most were designed for the stereotypical “hippie stoner” type. Same thing in local smoke shops I went to as well. Hackey-sack material with black, smell-proof zipper tape and a combination lock was not going to work for me. Even the more luxury designer-type options didn’t have any organization or functionality inside.

Having recently relocated to Los Angeles, I was in the right place to create a solution for my own problem. With help and guidance from friends & family in the fashion/apparel industry, then after months of product development in the LA Fashion District, the CRONJA brand was born.

- Ryan Cron